A Few Minor Adjustments

So I haven’t really written anything of substance since I started this blog. I’ve been spending the past few weeks in Ayacucho with my dad. It’s been swell.

Today I attempted a batch of chocolate chip cookies. They turned out less than stellar. First off, my dad doesn’t have a measuring cup, or measuring spoons. Furthermore, the altitude calls for adjustments that I didn’t account for, to measurements that were already inexact . Yesterday the water stopped running, not a rare occurrence I might add. Nonetheless, someone, (not me), turned the electrical water heater on, and turned the water off. What ended up happening is that when the water came back on, the heater was still on, but it didn’t have any water running through it to heat up, because the actual faucet was off, so it burned, or something. All I know is that next time I tried to run hot water for a shower, water started pouring out of the electric heater pump. Greeeeaaatt…. It’s still not fixed. But don’t get me wrong, I have taken showers since, I have just had a fun time doing some mopping afterward.

Apparently there is a common saying going around West Africa between PC volunteers that goes like this: “At least we’re not in Mauritania.” I inquired on the PCV Mauritania board about this and got some reassuring responses. What stuck though was this:

“AND blog every last minute of it because
when you go back and read it 2 years later you laugh your ass off
because the whole trip is just hilarity in its self and I guarantee
you, you will never experience that in America — NEVER.”

So with that in mind, I feel like my blogging should commence now.

Haha, and another thing, my dad’s parrot who is adorable, sounds like a wheel that could benefit from a quick spray or two of WD-40.


One Response to “A Few Minor Adjustments”

  1. livingthehyphenated Says:

    LOL. Thanks Amanda! I just got my staging kit today! I can’t wait to meet you in a month!!!

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