Tiendas, Caseritas, and Bandaids

I cut my finger pretty horridly today while preparing lunch. Stupid dull knife and hard lime skin. It will probably still be shotty by the time I leave. I also walked to the downtown today to go to the main groccery store, which is more just like the biggest tienda here in Ayacucho. A tienda is a tiny small neighborhood store. They are everywhere here. They sell random food and general items: everything from paperclips to barrettes for your hair. When I mean they are everywhere, I mean there are two about 50 yards from my front door that are right across the alleyway from, and there is another in the next alley over and so on and so forth. And when I mean they are small, they are probably 10 feet  by 10 feet big. Supermarkets don’t exist here. There aren’t any fast food joints either, I don’t know why that seems to be related, but it just does. The place to get fresh produce and raw ingredients are the outdoor mercatos. Oh yah, you get meat there too. I went yesterday with my overly sweet lovable neighbor Irene. She’s a veteran shopper, so she helped me avoid getting ripped off for being a gringa. Everyone rips you off here, it’s just part of the culture. The saying goes Si no eres vivo, eres cojudoTranslation: If you aren’t taking advantage, you are being taken advantage of, or to translate more exactly, you are being fucked over. She made sure to tell all her caseritas, a word used to describe the relationship between vender and their regular customer, to give me reasonable, peruvian, prices when I come alone. Oh yah, I also saw my chicken breast that I bought, chopped directly off the whole chicken in front of my very eyes with a butcher knife. All I can say is that, it still tasted damn good at lunchtime.


6 Responses to “Tiendas, Caseritas, and Bandaids”

  1. Brandon Says:

    I find as a carnivore with a concious it’s better to see the animal that you’re going to eat, that way you at least are fully aware of the consequences associated with that juicy and delicious meat that you are scarfing down… hmm, I could use a steak right now!

  2. Brandon Says:

    That’s awesome! Being from Kansas, I haven’t personally eaten any roadkill but I’m sure I do have family members who have. I just might be as silly as a bitch as you! I think pretty much anyone who is going to Mauritania must have some silly bitch in them.

    Note on my last comment…

    First I think I spelled conscious wrong.. so correct that to conscious… (I sure hope that part of my teaching english to these poor children who get me as a teacher involves spelling stuff correctly!)

    and second!

    I’m such a terrible person for not saying I hope your finger is feeling better. Sorry to hear about the injury.

  3. Brandon Says:

    Oops… one more correction.. I hope that me teaching English *doesn’t* involve spelling… : )

  4. Brandon Says:

    HA, I can tell we’re going to get along well. skank ass ho : )

  5. diane Says:

    Hey Amanda,

    When you get back, we’ll have to have a cookie-baking party! I hope you’re doing great – it sounds like it, except for the “finger incident”. We all miss you already!

  6. Mike Says:

    Hey Girl!! Nice excuses on the cookies! Hey did you need stitches? I miss you like crazy! Can not wait to see you in June. Only to say goodbye for 2 years!!
    Hope to hear from you soon. Wow is Peru beautiful. Thanks for the pics. Much love , Mike

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