Bienvenidos 23

My Birthday was two days ago. See my Flickr for pictures.

Have you ever image googled your name?? I tried Amanda Dillon I found out that apparently I’m a character on All My Children. Hooray… Then I typed in Amanda Jane Dillon…and found a potpourri of pictures including a graph of Regulation of epidermal homeostasis through P2Y2 receptors–which has something to do with Pharmacology, if you’re wondering.

I finally give one of my talks to the Fine Arts School on Monday. Actually I give two next week. I was putting together my first power point, but it’s so hard for me to stay focused when I use the Internet to research a subject I’m interested in, especially because of the damned very nature of links. So far I just keep getting deeper and deeper and more specific in certain aspects of Contemporary art that I like. I seriously have just spent the last two hours looking at Street Art/Post-Graffiti and its artists and I stumbled upon an art form called Street Installation. It brought me back to thinking of my third year of college and the “Dartmouth Sidewalk”, or even my first year and the “Buren Arts Bridge.” I would write more, but don’t want to risk trouble of any sort right before I’m leaving.

My dad has been teaching me how to play “Killing me Softly” on guitar. We are both obsessed with this song.

Tomorrow we go back into the countryside. My dad has a minor role in a Peruvian produced movie about Harhachas, Andean urban legend monsters created through incest. Gross, right?


2 Responses to “Bienvenidos 23”

  1. Brandon Forester Says:

    Happy belated birthday my fellow Gemini! Can’t wait till the 17th, look forward to causing some trouble.

  2. P. Harper Dillon Says:

    We never did get to the country for that filming and it went by the way. Good thing too because we’d probably have come down with pneumonia!!! Those talks at Bellas Artes did have an impact now and as soon as I can I’ll put some photos of the installations your presentations have inspired.


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