Attention: Anyone in need of toy ninja swords, please respond

I think I’ve had 5 legitimate panic attacks since I’ve been home. You see, not only do I have to pack away for over two years of time, with weight limitations just slightly over how heavy my suitcase was to Peru for one month, now, my dear mother sprung upon me news that she wants to move by the end of this month. My previous security of being able to leave my room intact, a safe haven for my glorious randomities such as those swords mentioned above, the matching pair of num-chucks, or say Chinese cat trinkets from Taiwan, or hula skirts now feel the threat of being given away. But ok, on a more practical note, what about the dozens of electronic/usb/gadget cords I have from losing 3 ipods and 2 cameras, seems such a waste to just get rid of them, and can I donate that kinda stuff to Salvation Army?? I want to know what people do with these items?? Because I know as soon as I part with my coconut bra, someone is going to throw a luau, and I’m going to be SOL. Alas, I have given away mountains of mountains of clothes, yet my room seems full as ever, if not more so.

On a more cheerful note, I went to Patticakes today and yesterday and saw my bosses and some old faces whom I had missed. I was uber happy to see everyone, and think I was able to maintain decent composure and not scare anyone from how overly happy I was. Despite this it was also strange to be back, it was the same but different, and that’s not just cause I didn’t have to submit to anyone’s latte orders, although I honestly kinda wanted to step behind that counter and serve someone a muffin or put some cakes on full sheets. Strange, I know.

This will probably be the last time I post from California, so I’ll end it on this note.

Catch ya on the flip side!


One Response to “Attention: Anyone in need of toy ninja swords, please respond”

  1. P. Harper Dillon Says:

    Several days now that you are on African soil though there is still no confirmation of this . . . surely you are busy or unable to get online since you left for Atlanta. I’m surely not alone in looking forward to your first blog entry from Mauritania . . . but I imagine you’ll need to invent some kind of condensed hyper language to communicate everything that’s going on right now . . or maybe you could write it off line and paste it into the blog?

    A couple of questions though, concerning your disclaimer: Were you counselled to put that in the blog? What are the official opinions of the PC? are they PC? Can you get into hot water for posting thoughts that might really conflict with the official opinions, that aren’t PC?

    – the troublemaker

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