My Address

Amanda Dillon, PCT
Corps de la Paix
B.P. 222
Nouakchott, Mauritania
West Africa

Mailing tips to help ensure receipt:
~send postcards in envelopes
~send bubble envelopes in lieu of boxes
~number all correspondance
~write “Air Mail” or “Par Avion” on all envelopes
~indicate all contents as “used …” on customs forms
~send me something everyday


3 Responses to “My Address”

  1. Dwight Dillon Says:

    I’ve been waiting for your address so I can finally send you stuff! I’m packing up your room Saturday, and I will be kind to all of your belongings. We miss you, I miss you. You can expect to be getting packages from me quite frequently. If anyone makes sure you get a healthy dose of home, it’ll be me, I don’t care how much it is. See you soon.


  2. Shirley Says:

    Is there anything that I can’t send? i’m getting a care package ready. =) Miss you!

  3. Potzizzle Says:

    bah! I missed your call…post your number!

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