i kind of can’t believe this is happening right now

that’s sums up my new life pretty well right now, even tho i was just now commenting on the fact that i’m online, however my battery is about to die, soo….hopefully i can crank some new info out real fast for all my beloveds back where all is familiar and comfy.

i live in the bush. this means, no running water, no electricity. i live with a Hassinya speaking family, the language i am attempting to learn, but kinda failing. thank goodness for linguistics tho, a course that has actually become one of the most useful classes of my college career. this language is extremely difficult not only because it has all new sounds, probably you and i have never even pronounced or even imagined. every word is conjugated with gender…who is saying it, who you are saying it to, and there are so many more conjugations past the 6 i was introduced to in french. when i feel really bad about not doing so well or even being able to repeat the word they say, i just say a word i do know, and then try to teach it to them in english, and feel so much guilty relief at hearing how they can’t pronounce it either!

i am currently at the center right now in rosso, for the 4th. i want to be social with all the other volunteers and swap experiences and first impressions, but i want to get this out…some communication with the outside world since i’m having phone problems and really haven’t been able to speak to anyone from home.

Back to M’balal–that’s the name of my town. There are about 1000 people that make it up. Moors. It’s a little more liberal than I might have expected for being out there. Amanda and I –other volunteer there with me, do not have to wear mulafas–thank god. I really just don’t like being so constricted in my movements, or want to have to worry about adjusting it as the main focus of my attention. We get away with wearing headscarfs, tshirts and long skirts. 3 other girls in Boumbary about 10 kms farther than us are living in a strictly coservative town and can’t even let one strand of hair come out of their mulafa. There is so much to talk about…ah. i think my battery is going to die tho….. the food is bleh…fried everything…high carbs…no fruit…cept dates. lots and lots of unripe dates, lol….


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