quick wishlist for all my package senders who i loveee

look to the right! ————>


5 Responses to “quick wishlist for all my package senders who i loveee”

  1. Desiree Says:

    Hey! I can totally take care of the hemp/bracelet making necessities, etc. I really like your Mauritanian name, it’s beautiful!

    I can also probably manage one picture type book.

    and hey, I got a job in LA. I’m a post PA for Grey’s Anatomy!! Rad!! I’ll fill ya in after my first few days.

    Love, Love, Love


  2. E Says:

    Amanda don’t read this so it will be a surprise!!!
    Hey all
    I plan on sending Amanda a 2009 color in the pictures, on the wall calender, along with some colored pencils a sharpener etc, as well as a craft book of which I have not decided on yet. thought i would let you know like she wanted…

  3. P. Harper Dillon Says:

    hmmm . . .

    instant mazamora morada and chicha morada??

    freeze-dried aji de gallina (after all the Andean people invented freeze drying, yes, that’s true!)

    anything else regionally specific?? would be kind of dumb to send art supllies from here . . . don’t think you need alpaca sweaters . . .

    where’s my photo??


    p.s. I like your name, seems you do to. Who exactly gave it to you and in what circumstance – existentially punctuated intersubjective epiphany . . .

    p.p.s. a semiotically identifiable group is made up of persons who can express themselves to others who recognize what’s being expressed, persons who recognize themselves as signifying within the group (the third person who would understand even if the ones present don’t) and the others who similiarly express themselves with similar expectations. Peirce, not Saussure.

    Also bear in mind that pronunciation isn’t all that important (except for Parisina snobs) as long as what you’re saying can be understood . . . Some accents (like Nat King Cole singing in Spanish) are actually enjoyed by native speakers. Especially if it’s a floweer that’s speaking 🙂

  4. Mike Says:

    I will be sending protein bars and a picture book as well. Congrats Desiree on your new job!! U deserve it!! Beautiful flower is very fitting!! Much love, Mike

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    I can’t read your list so send me one via email or facebook and I will see what I can do. Thanks Have Fun

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