Apples, Mangos, and Bananas, oh my

just a couple snippets from my written journal to catch this one up  a little:

“the lightening turned the whole sky purple” -July 3

“Malooma and I discovered a mini-grand canyon past the flat area in the dunes (that have progressively been getting greener after each rain). It was a mini national park that we lay claim to for our morning stroll.”

“There is still so much of this language I am utterly dumbfounded and clueless about, but despite the fact that I can sit under my mbarr with my family for 15 minutes and catch 2 words during the whole time, those times seem to be less and less frequent and I finally feel like I can correctly answer questions posed to me passed ‘ayack lebass'(how are you–but litterally translated I hope there is nothing bad) Hooray, victory”-July 9 or 10th

“So I walk over to Brahim’s 1. to see him play guitar, because i’ve heard really good things and fun times times that happen there in the PM 2. to bear witness to a supposed legendary little girl who can move her hips as well as she can beat the jerry can. When I get there he is playing to a crowd of Balanies my age. Moctar is there, and soon Malooma shows up. These are the Mauritanian names of my site mates btw. Then Brahim busts out Satellite by Guster, a song I was mildly obsessed with before I left my sunny state. I looked up at the bright moon, around at the faces in the shadows, the skyline of M’balal from Brahim’s front sand lot and everything honestly felt sooo magical and right. It made me think, it’s moments like this I joined the PC to remember. Then my mom came and collected me promptly at 10:10 for bed.” July 11

“Ok this entry really is about my appreciation for my little radio; this magical wondow in the shape of a silver handheld box. Like Malooma put it–isn’t it crazy to think about all the shit traveling through the air that we don’t have access to without the aid of a simple electrical invention–or just even imagining it all there. Of course that puts wifi on a whole nother level. Anyway it’s insane how much we value any little tidbit of information that reads of the outside world since we’ve been here. Even poppyseed fields in Afganistan take on a whole new level of interest. Being here, the world food crisis is in our midsts and I feel a part of it more so now being just mere kilometers from the UN refugee camps. Those white tents are so ominously hopeful.” July 14

“Malooma’s sister Minatoo works as a liason for Unicef and so today we witnessed how malnourished kids are diagnosed. They came in a white truck with plastic arm girth rulers, with a scale that measured from green to red.”  July 17

Here is a picture to sign off my blog with–since tomorrow, I find out where I’ll be til 2010!!


4 Responses to “Apples, Mangos, and Bananas, oh my”

  1. Desiree Says:

    Hey, so is your address going to be updated since you’re moving to where you’ll be for the duration? or can we still send stuff to the old one?



  2. Dwight Dillon Says:

    I’m not sure if the paragraph about heading over to Brahim’s 1 was an accident but that was the most beautiful writing I’ve ever read from you. Keep it up! holy shit! I talked to Dad today after not talking to him for like 3 weeks. We both thought each of us fell of the radar. Mom and I however are talking a couple times a week. It’s great I really to keep a strong bond between the four of us, distance aside. It’s happening as I type this :). Thank you so much for updating your blog, it keeps me happy knowing that you’re still smiling and adapting. Talk to you soon.



  3. Vicki McAllister Says:

    Amanda — Sounds like you are adjusting beautifully. Our son, Ryan, is currently at PK7, but will be moving to Sare Ndogou — also in Brakna region.

    Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work with the blog! I really enjoy reading all of them (what a nerd, right??). Best of luck to you and, remember, there are many prayers for all of you over there!

    Vicki McAllister

  4. Elana Says:

    Amanda it sounds so lovely i am thrilled you are enjoying your time 😉

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