Change of Address

I made it to Boghe! Hooray. This is my first trip on my own without being chaperoned in a PC issued vehicle. It feels so good to have this freedom back. I came here to visit my friend Teresa and the other Bogheians, and well because it’s Ramadan, and there isn’t a lot else going on. The ride over was short, under an hour even. My only complaint is that I probably paid the roundtrip cost to get here. Live and ya learn I guess. So anyway, I came with Kat, who is actually visiting Aleg, and normally works even more north about a km out of Mocta Lijar. Mark(Jesus), Stefanie, Scott (who also came in from his Brousse site), Teresa, Kat, and I are all here now. Last I heard, Ryan is also trying to make it in today. Teresa and Scott are starting a garden. They are going to grow morning glory along a tutrelus. What can I say we are a pretty spectacular group of volunteers. It should be a fun weekend. Oh, back to the subject of this blog post, apparently, the post service to Boghe works amazingly! People are getting packages in 10-12 days tops! So I am updating my address, so that it doesn’t take up to 2 months for me to recieve them from NKTT.

Amanda Dillon, PCV

B. P. 17

Boghe, South Brakna, Mauritania

West Africa

The past few days in Aleg have been quite productive though, lots and lots of integrating and making new friends. I found 3 girls who are all around 23, sisters, don’t have their BAC, don’t have jobs and are single! Those last two are practically interchangable for women in this country. However, no room yet. Arg.

I also want to link this for any science geeks out there. It’s an a blurb about the the biggest, most expensive scientific instrument in history: the LHC.

OH yah, lastly, Mark asked me to put some shananigans in here, but I pray to god, he doesn’t again.


3 Responses to “Change of Address”

  1. P. Harper Dillon Says:

    hope you keep blogging, it’s great. Will you have any internet access in aleg when things pick up after Ramadan?

    Check ur mail for some other stuff.

    BTW you did see the Large Hadron Collider rap, didn’t you?? That’s the way to teach the theory of quantum gravity, yeah!


  2. Vicki (Ryan's Mom) Says:

    Hey, Amanda! I didn’t realize you were so close to Boghe! That is wonderful! I know Ryan intends to make a weekly trek (he’s only about 10K north, I believe), Teresa may get sick of seeing him! ;o)

    I’m sure you’ll find housing soon — don’t worry. That seems to be the thing that most PCVs were having difficulty with, but something always comes through.

    Take care and enjoy your down time during September. Once things start hopping around there, I’m sure you’ll miss Ramadan!


  3. Desiree Says:

    enjoying the blog, as always. keep writing. i’m gonna send some random stuff soon. hey, i’m gonna han out w mr jon atabek tomorrow! fun! things here are great. hope you are well.

    peace and love


    p. omg the LHC! SOO excited! Argfhftllaaa!! (*nerd excitement) : )

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