School “Officially” Starts


So I am going to move out tomorrow morning. It will be sooo good to start living with a family again. I swear I can forgo a refrigerator, shower and Internet for some peace of mind and quality integration.

Ok, I just need to write, one thing that is so great about being here is that every day is completely random. Set schedules really don’t even matter. In the least. For example, one day Ashley and I decided we wanted to wander around this far neighborhood in Aleg. On our way there, a family with a lot of commotion going on in their house welcomed us in because they were going to be having a wedding there. Next thing I knew, I was dancing Moor style with 10 new Mauritanian people I had not know the previous hour. I wish I could have seen the people’s faces who walked by the window and looked in on it. And to be honest, that is just a taste of how little I know what the next moment will hold here. Or, take for example that school officially started on Sunday. When I say officially, I mean it was Ashley and one boy wandering the Lycee and wondering where everyone was. The school director even explicitly told her that if she was too tired at all the first weeks, she didn’t have to come in. He was only starting to put class schedules together when she found him on Monday. Thus is life in Mauritania.


2 Responses to “School “Officially” Starts”

  1. P. Harper Dillon Says:

    Ah . . .

    more and more you make me believe that you are a natural anthropologist !!!

    I keep meaning to write but am languishing in an existential “horse lattitudes” of sorts . . . will come out of it soon hopefully.

    People here always ask how you’re doing.

    Lots of love for you always.


  2. Dwight Says:

    Haha… that place seems super laid back. You definitely seem like ur adapting well with the fact that you don’t have have set schedules, yet you’re making things work.

    School here has been great. The kids are awesome and so are my coworkers.

    I miss the shit out of you man!


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