today i left aleg for 3 weeks of upcoming travel.  tomorrow morning i’ll be celebrating my birthday in the lovely beach town of saint louis senegal, and from there, i’ll make a big pac man shaped circle. First up will be Selibaby, supposedly one of the most beautiful and green sites in Mauritania. From there, I’ll head down to Bamako, Mali to check the scene there and also to watch Mali and Ghana face off for a World Cup qualifying match. Next up is Noiro for the Olsen cup. That’ s where PCVs will play soccer against eachother. I cannot wait to play. From Noiro, I will re-enter Mauritania through Aioun, and then make my way down to Kiffa, for the first anual Kiffa wine fest. It’s going to be a lot of traveling and a lot fun. All the traveling will be done with other volunteers.

The GMC annee scolaire  finished off strong. We had a huge closing ceremony with lots of teachers and directors and even radio personel, but most of all we must have had close to 80 students come. We held it in the newly remodeled and opened Maison de Jeune. There were speeches, and skits, and certificate giving. I gave the introduction in French, and Zeinabou was pretty much the host. Overall, my girls worked very hard to put a lot of work into.

Other than that, Mauritania is in the midst of Elections right now, and right before I left Aleg, campaigning had kicked into high gear. There were huge full color photographic posters draped over the banks and motels, in the windows of peoples cars, etc. Last night there were even these lazer neon green lights pulsating through the sky. People have put up Khymas allover random places in Aleg. It’s pretty intense, and on the ride from Aleg to Nktt today, it seemed to be the trend in all the cities we passed. In Aleg, Azziz is the one being promoted, which is slightly ironic, since the president he overthrew, Sidi, is from just outside Aleg Proper (he’s still under house arrest there right now too).


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  1. Vicki (Ryan's Mom) Says:

    Have a fabulous trip for your birthday!!

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