some alarming, but expected, news

So, i’m writing this entry after so much has gone down with Peace Corps in this country, so much. Reports of bad news have just been pouring in since at least a month ago, and this is all aside from the choas of elections, although it seems, that those elections may actually finally take place now after countless delays and setbacks.

First, I found out my grandmother passed away, so I rush flew to Peru to be with my family for the funeral, which actually turned out to be a pick me up trip, considering the circumstances; seeing family does wonders. While there, I found out the new class of trainees had been delayed to come to Mauritania because no Visas were being issued to Americans by the Mauritanian government. This news eventually worsened, and became, no new trainee class was slated to come in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, a Mali/Mauritania PCV soccer game was canceled, which I was especially bummed about, because I haven’t been able to play soccer since stage. Right before I went to Nouakchott for the Annual Girl’s Education Conference, an American was shot point blank there in the capital. Within the next days, while we were in Nouakchott for the conference, the US embassy advised all U.S. citizens to remain indoors after they had received an unconfirmed (but what they deemed credible) threat of a possible kidnapping attempt. Shortly after this, our country director sent out an email offering the possibility interrupted service to those volunteers who did not want to continue their service in Mauritania. That brings us to today. About half of my very good friends are taking that interrupted service, and will be leaving around the same time as all the second years who are Closing out the second year of service. What that means, is that approx half of my really good friends are leaving quite suddenly, in addition to no hope of new volunteers, soon, and also, a significantly reduced population of volunteers who will stay in country. Needless to say, most volunteers who are staying have our reasons, but, we are all significantly taking a huge hit on our spirits.


3 Responses to “some alarming, but expected, news”

  1. americaninparis42 Says:

    I can’t even imagine this situation. Stay safe out there Dillon.

  2. Vicki (Ryan's Mom) Says:

    Hello, Amanda! I know there are some who will be leaving, but I think you may have a good group of close friends who will be staying. You’ll need each other!! Take care of yourself.

  3. P. Harper Dillon Says:

    I’m trying to figure out something to say. Ummm. I really liked your use of first person plural as a way to disclose your individual decision. you sort of disappeared in there like a river into the sea. But as Blake said, “No bird flies too high if he soars with his own wings.” probably holds true for female birds too.

    Take Xtra Care


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