Land of Plenty

I’m sitting in my old university’s library right now. I love libraries. A few thoughts I’ve had lately:

I’ve now been back in the US for one week and one day. How am I feeling? Well, one week is about what it takes to start to reacclamate, but at first I was head over heels overwhelmed. By what? By how much stuff exists in this country. Coming from the Sahara,–Aleg even, which is especially sparse on vegetation. California has, just in its state boundaries, rivers, lakes, deserts, mountains, beaches, islands, valleys, and that’s just commenting on the landscape. Aleg is also home to a group of people who were once Nomads. What does this mean? That in my room I had more things that I brought with me and had accumulated than the four members of my family had in their whole house. Now come back to America…and well I just couldn’t help feeling almost dizzy from all the different kinds of things people have invented reasons for needing here. I can’t fully criticize this though. When I said plenty, I meant it as both good and bad. I would call socal saturated. For example the variety of food that we can so easily access here is simply amazing. I’ve eaten 11 different kinds of fruit within the past 8 days. There are so many things to do here to. I’ve seen two concerts, been to a handful of restaurants, been to a fair, been to the beach, a lot, been to an art gallery, been to the gym, swam in my pool, and been to the movies. This might  not make sense to a lot of people, but while I love going to all these places and seeing different things, I feel like, at times constantly being distratcted inhibits people from just sitting down with other people and getting to know them. That’s all I’ve really done these past 14 months, so who knows maybe its just habit and that’s why I miss it. But like I said, having all these resources has its ups as well obviously. For example, the library I’m in has 12 books just on how to learn how to write arabic.

The same day I got back my cousin and mom arranged a welcome back party for me, so I want to say a big thanks to everyone who came to that and brought delicious things to eat and talked and caught up a little bit. It means more than you know to know I have that support.

All the volunteers in Mauritania will be in Senegal shortly if they aren’t already there for a practice evacuation. If everything goes smoothly, we will all go back and continue working. That’s what I’m hoping for. Teresa is back home right now as well and we keep telling each other that we are so mentally prepared to enjoy our time here, our break, but also to get it in our heads that we have another year ahead of us in Mauritania. I just really hope that next year gets realized.

Signing off

squeaky clean amanda


One Response to “Land of Plenty”

  1. julie ann Says:

    glad you are enjoying yourself amidst all the readjustment craziness! this senegal training center is absurd. so it seems, here and abroad, we’re all enjoying the good life right now…

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